I love the Smurfs! Welcome to my Smurf lovers tribute to the greatest blue buddies in the universe - the Smurfs! I don't have much Smurf stuff right now but I'll try!! The Smurfs bring so much joy to the world I just want to return the favor! The Smurfs are the best thing in the world!

LOOKING TO BUY SMURFS?? THEN SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!! I now have pictures of the Smurfs! Click the link for a few Smurf pics!

I loooooooove the Smurfs TV show and if I can get some pictures from the show I'll for sure put it up - Gargamel sure is scary! But he's no match for Papa Smurf. Anyone remember the one where Gargamel pretends to be a giant Smurf wizard that lives in a cave? That was the biggest Smurf in the whole world! But Papa fixed Gargamel good!

And what about Brainy Smurf? Always landing on his head! ehe ehe ehe! And wat about clumsy Smurf and his pants falling down?? Clumsy is a funny funny Smurf and is very cute. If I could dress up like any smurf I'd dress up like Clumsy Smurf!!

I'm trying to collect all the figurines! Here are a few links to Smurfs web sites that I go to!!

BlueBuddies.com - the World's Largest Smurf Compendium!

BlueBuddies.com - Papa Smurf has it ALL and they got me back into Smurfs collecting! The auctions RULE!
Website Rating [WWW.BLUEBUDDIES.COM] - 10/10

I'll smurf more Smurfs when I get a camera! Until then these sites will smurf you over!

THE SMURFS is copyright PEYO and IMPS. ATTENTION this is not the offishul Smurf site! This site is not authorized by the Smurf people it is MY site!